Peeping Puppy 8" x 10" Quilt Block Pattern PDF


Peeping Puppy is an 8" x 10" paper pieced quilt pattern, and is a part of the Peeping Critters Pattern Collection.

This 4 page PDF e-pattern comes complete with full instructions, and an extra flipped version of the pattern so you can create a litter of Peeping Puppies!

The great thing is Peeping Puppy has literally saved us from having to buy an actual puppy for our son. I worked for 8 years in a Veterinary Hospital. I've cleaned up enough dog poop to last 3 lifetimes.

There are several sections to this pattern and is most suitable for experienced sewers. Although a determined novice could certainly figure it out.

Each Peeping Critter is designed in scale with the rest so you can sew this pattern directly to any other in the collection to make piecing your quilt as easy as pie.

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